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Point of Control, 800xA 5.1
Makes it possible to transfer plant operation responsibility between locations and persons.

Alarm Operations, 800xA 5.1
Alarm Grouping, Alarm Shelving and Alarm Analysis.
(Alarm Hiding and Alarm Response are part of the base system)

Alarm Help and Reports
Long term Alarm storage and analyze, Alarm system KPI reports, e-mail distribution of reports, Alarm instruction aspects.

Note: At pricebook release this item required a TSA to be ordered. Please, check current need of a TSA in the TSA 
Database before ordering.

SMS and e-mail Messaging, 800xA 5.1
Sending messages based on alarm and event information to user devices such as mobile telephones, e-mail accounts and pagers.

Calculation Engine, 800xA 5.1
Provides the ability to run mathematical calculations on any available System 800xA aspect property or attribute. One license per server or redundant server pair.

10 Structured Data Logs, 800xA 5.1
Makes it possible to store data sets in a SQL DB, triggered by the Controller. Scaled on number of Data Logs, each defining a set of properties logged for a specific processing step.
Total max 200 Data Logs.

Snapshot Reports, 800xA 5.1
Makes it possible to create aspects that automatically executes a query and produces a report consisting of properties of objects in the system.

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