Phần mềm hệ 800xA

Gói phần mềm 800xA được đóng gói trong một đĩa DVD. Việc lắp đặt hệ thống được hỗ trợ bởi chương trình cài đặt tự động. Chương trình cài đặt tự động là một cơ cấu hộp dễ dàng cho việc cài đặt và cấu hình hệ thống.

Sản phẩm của Phần mềm hệ 800xA

Phần mềm bảo mật Cyber Security
Digital Signature, 800xA 5.1 Makes it possible to digitally sign aspects to ensure that data is kept unchanged after approval. Advanced Access Control, 800xA 5.1 Reauthentication, double reauthentication and inactivity logout. Audit Trail, 800xA 5.1 Logging of all user initiated actions in a system. e.g. Graphics editing, Control Logic editing and start/stop of servers etc. 800xA for Industrial Defender Industrial Defender monitoring is updated with...
Phần mềm lõi Base System 800xA 5.1
Includes one Operator Workplace, one Engineering Workplace, AC 800M Connectivity, Redundant Aspect Server, Plant Explorer, Topology Status Viewer, oftpoint Server, Scheduler, Primary History Logs (logging of signals for operator trends for up to 3 months), 10 Asset Monitors and Diagnostics Collection. Fast log-over of users.
Phần mềm truyền thông Connectivity
800xA for Advant Master, 800xA 5.1 (One per system.) RTA hardware needs to be ordered separately. Please refer to pricebook 3BSE001706, Advant OCS with Master Software, for  RTA hardware. Advant Master Central Backup, 800xA 5.1 Backup and restore of applications for Advant Master controllers (AC410, AC450, MP200/1, SG400) One license per system. Requires 800xA for Advant Master.  Note: At pricebook release this item required a TSA to be ...
Phần mềm tùy chọn
Point of Control, 800xA 5.1 Makes it possible to transfer plant operation responsibility between locations and persons. Alarm Operations, 800xA 5.1 Alarm Grouping, Alarm Shelving and Alarm Analysis. (Alarm Hiding and Alarm Response are part of the base system) Alarm Help and Reports Long term Alarm storage and analyze, Alarm system KPI reports, e-mail distribution of reports, Alarm instruction aspects. Note: At pricebook release this item required a...